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About the Breed



All progressive mankind for thousands of years has dreamed of a cat, which, having all the cat-ins, did not show a typical for these animals self-confidence, independence and disregard for the hosts, stubbornness and obstinacy.
But here in the sixties of the last century in America, by crossing the incredibly good-natured Persian Angora with exceptionally accommodating Burmese were born first kittens, then new breed called "Ragdoll", which means "rag doll." Today, bred in 1965 Regdoly mainly bred in the U.S. and Western Europe
This pet - a master of relaxation. It can lifeless and almost imperceptibly to hang on hand owner. If you raise a paw sleeping cat, it will drop like a feather, and the cat did not notice what they actually called regdollami - that is a rag doll.
Nature of this large, up to 10 pounds, cats are extremely well-balanced and soft. The biggest cat of this breed, from the tip of the tail to the nose, can stretch out on a meter.
Regdolls very attached to his master and follow him everywhere. Feline look round eyes, always a blue Ragdoll, full of depth and can say intelligent. Ragdoll is so peaceful and quiet animals, that it even led to the myth that the alleged Ragdoll not feel pain. In fact, they just deeply intelligent character prevents Ragdoll violent manifestations.
Soft temper Ragdoll and called the main feature of the breed. They do not engage in any adventure, no fights. They are not particularly interested in either birds outside the window, or fish in the aquarium. Peaceful, docile Ragdoll also smart enough to get used to the toilet, understand speech and intonation.
Ragdoll bit like Burmese cats, but they have a massive physique. The overall impression - like stuffed toy in front of you. Ragdoll is so nice and accommodating, that will not leave anyone indifferent. A woolly coat makes them altogether like teddy bears. The body of the Ragdoll powerful skeleton is well developed, fairly massive chest and pelvis. Head is of medium size, in the form of a wedge. The forehead is not acting, his cheeks plump, round little face, the nose is long and straight. The ears are not very big, set high, but slightly inclined forward, broad at the base, and the tips are rounded. The eyes of the breed Ragdoll cats are large, expressive, are oval, strabismus unacceptable. The only recognized standard color - blue. The deeper and darker - the better. Body long, medium length legs, thick legs are small, oval, with well-developed fingers and tufts of hair between them. The tail is long, proportional body, lush fur coat throughout.

Maintenance and care of RAGDOLL (based on the Web sites and World Cat breeds RAGDOLL)

  • Taming ragdolls, you should know that you can expect afterwards. Indeed, there are cases when people take cats (not sure of the breed), or other animals, guided reckless spurts, but when faced with certain problems or peculiarities of animals, just simply throw them in the lurch. Ragdoll this is not a cat that can be released to the street. He would not last a couple of days there. Regdolls take it like to adopt a child who never grows up.
  • So before you start a cat, check out some things that were noted the owners of cats breed Ragdoll. This is serious, and at the same time with a sense of humor: - To avoid clogging the stomach Ragdolls they need scratching. Less frequently and thoroughly, such as Persian cats, but still. For Ragdoll requires some care, especially if you're going to put it at the shows.
  • - If you want to concentrate to do any mental work, Ragdolls come to help. If you are busy cleaning the house - the cat sincerely believe that you are playing with him, chasing the mop back and forth.
  • - Ragdolls very playful and need constant pastime with you. Be prepared to play with them throughout their lives.
  • - If something fell on the floor - it automatically became a toy for a cat.
  • - Your shoes, to understand Ragdoll - is the place where you want to bring and put the pieces of paper and other toys.
  • - The windows - the subject of risk (the cat can fall at any time), though Ragdolls, because of their inquisitive nature, the windows are very fond of. Here, keep an eye. Even in summer, will have to keep the windows closed, or buy shutters.
  • - In the heat of the game Ragdoll can scratch (not out of malice, of course), despite the fact that normally when you play with people they are trying not to let out claws.
  • - If something is moving - then it's a game (including your feet).
  • - If something does not move - ... why not? boring ...
  • - "If I jump to where I forbid, how quickly mom jump to remove me from there? ..." :)
  • - Any open cabinet door or drawer - is an invitation to climb inside, often imperceptibly. Huddled down in search of a cat, you can find him sleeping peacefully in a closed cabinet.
  • - Ragdolls love to take part in absolutely everything that you do, including swimming (They themselves do not like the water, but to be with you at such a crucial moment - their debt).
  • - Ragdoll run anywhere, but most - right in your way. He likes to get under your feet, suddenly popping up around the corner or in another room, so whenever you move around the apartment, the first thing you have to watch it down.
  • - Fluffy and soft bellies Ragdoll designed to be stroked.
  • - Your bed will belong not only to you.
  • - Do not expect to be able to properly look at the monitor from the computer and move the mouse. If Ragdoll on the table, he goes directly to the mouse by closing a screen. Cat will not give up, and from being able to drive on the cursor.
  • - People around you will wonder why you keep talking about his wonderful and amazing Ragdolle. But you just can not stop, and infecting others with love for this breed ... It is possible that you will be to ask the guests to see the pet.
  • - If you or your guests, even in the toilet - Ragdoll have to be there with you. It will scratch the door and meow until you enter.
  • - Every time you leave home you feel guilty, because a pair of blue eyes is so pitifully to look at you.
  • - With the advent Ragdoll have to forget about what is "left alone" at home.
  • - If you have forged Ragdoll, you get the risk of heart attack shlopotat when suddenly you can not find your pet in the apartment. You will have to look under every bed, explore all the nooks, perhaps even move cabinets, until, finally, you may look for the cat, slept peacefully in some quiet place.
  • - No matter what the cat tray filler you buy - it will still stink, especially when regularly replaced.
  • - Dishes from which eats cat will have to wash at least 1 time per day.
  • - Vases of flowers (especially artificial) can be reversed. Ragdolls love to play with them, biting and pulling the leaves.
  • - Will have to get used to the fact that throughout the apartment, in the way, will be scattered toys, papers, and other feline property.
  • - A thing left on the bedside table, can not stay there for long.
  • - Ragdolls big cats, be prepared for this in advance.
  • - If at 6 am in the output you do not want to get up, Ragdoll find a thousand and one way to make you do it.
  • - Ragdolls love bite wires, you have to follow this.
  • - Practically there are moments when the cat's tray is clean, because as soon as you clean it, Ragdoll descends on him. Sometimes he tries to do it, even at a time when you are still busy cleaning.
  • - Clean carpets - in the past. Now they will be permanently covered with hair. Do not have time to clean, as Ragdoll sits on him and begins to wash hair and take a bite again.
  • - Be prepared for the fact that you have to buy your Ragdoll toys! Many toys.
  • - You will have to spend a lot of time with his favorite.
  • - You have to remember that all your - owned a cat, and all that belongs to the cat - this is it.
  • - If you go to the kitchen, it is, of course, means that you are going there to feed the cat.
  • - Ragdolls just need company. If you spend a lot of time away from home, then buy another cat that he had a friend.
  • - Ragdolls only cats, they can not be allowed to play outside unsupervised owners.
  • - And all the other cats, Ragdolls sometimes stop going to the tray. This can happen because of the following diseases: infection mochevyvoditelnyh tract, stomach problems or stress.
  • - Ragdolls usually affectionate and friendly cat, but, like all other animals, they have their own individual character. Therefore, this issue is no guarantee can not be. For example, my Ragdoll very tender, but did not like to be on the hands or on their knees. He's like a dog - loves to be "near" and not "on".
  • - Ragdolls can be quite talkative, especially early in the morning, when I want to sleep.
  • - Ragdolls wonderful companions, but it requires certain moral and financial investments. To ensure that your cat is healthy and happy, and live long enough for it requires proper care.
If you do not mind what is written above, and you are ready to take your family new member - cat breed Ragdoll, then the next, at least 10 years, you will have a wonderful "child", who with his love and dedication will pay for all embedded in it costs.